Quality Assurance


BUY GENUINE RYBRO – Look for the Rybro branding

Since 1988 the Rybro® brand of castor wheels & rollers has been offering industry leading quality and performance. Every wheel product that leaves our factory goes through vigorous testing to ensure only the best products reach our clients. We are not affiliated with any other brand of wheels or rollers, we manufacture our very own Genuine Rybro products. If it doesn’t say Rybro, then it isn’t a Rybro product.

To begin with we have been using the same grades of material from day one, so we do not need to worry about grade variables creeping in and causing problems from batch to batch.

All wheels are manufactured from virgin materials* (unless specifically specified to you), to prove this to you we add no pigmentation (unless requested). Virgin material is a clean, white or slightly off-white colour.

Many of our wheels now come with a lifetime guarantee against failure under normal usage conditions.

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Visual Testing – Each wheel goes through a visual inspection for imperfections and under-filling as soon as it is ejected from the machine.

Watering – All Nylons require a process of water tempering, our process is a closely guarded secret within Ian Brown Engineering and is imperative to give the product the required strength it needs and the reason why all nylon products are shipped with water in the bag.

Measured – If the wheel does not require post processing the wheel boss is checked on a test axle prior to moving on to the warehouse, this ensures the wheel will turn freely once mounted to a castor or trolley.

As the product is injection moulded, if the product passes the visual test no other measurements need to be checked.

Machined – Certain wheels are designed with a bearing in mind, if so the wheel is machined accordingly and measured prior to moving on to the warehouse.

Hand Counted – Every wheel that leaves our warehouse is hand counted to ensure you always receive the correct amount of product, this process allows for an addition visual inspection prior to dispatch to you.

Random Batch Testing – We select a few wheels randomly from every batch we produce, the product goes through a series of tests to check both load capacity and crack resistance.

All our Pallet Truck Wheels & Rollers have a static load resistance above 6000Kg per wheels even though they are rated to the industry standard of 500KG or 1000Kg.

* Certain product components are pigmented to comply with industry accepted standards or to be aesthetically pleasing (e.g WFNT wheel is manufactured black as it has been made to be a replacment to the solid black rubber wheel)