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Meet the latest addition to the Rybro® family, launched in late 2021.

We have designed this range to meet the challenges of the Southern African market. Products need to withstand high levels of abuse in very tough conditions.

The registered design split rims has an increased cross section supporting the rubber tyre, making the wheel far more durable and able to handle higher loads and impacts when compared to traditional steel rims.

Under impact tests the rim sections rebound back to their original shape, this is not the case with steel rims which will remain deformed and may need to be replaced.


The solid rubber tires have a hardness of 80° Shore A and offer good handling, quiet rolling, they are shock and impact resistant, corrosion resistant and they have an average rolling resistance.


Wheelbarrows, Industrial carts and waste containers. Castor for light to medium applications. Less suitable for prolonged use under maximum static load.

Suitable surface:

Almost any surface: uneven surfaces such as pavers, damaged floors and obstacles such as thresholds. The tire may leave black traces on the floor.

Suitable environment:

Dry and not permanently humid. For mild acids and alkalis.

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