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Gate Castor
  • Specifically designed to help support the ends of wide gates or doors and to reduce the strain on hinges & supports providing smooth operation and movement.

  • Suitable for use for industrial, agricultural, security or heavy domestic gates and doors the spring loaded design provides automatic height adjustment over uneven or sloping floor surfaces.

  • The castor features a 100mm Soft Polyurethane tyred wheel with sealed ball bearing to provide years of smooth trouble free operation.

  • The unit is electro galvanized.

  • The spring has a maximum compression of 75mm and will provide up to 70kg of force* .

Please note that gate castors are not designed to carry the entire weight of the gate, but to provide support at the ends of gates or doors to relieve the strain and wear on hinges and supports from the day-to-day use of the gates and also to provide a smoother & more controlled movement - therefore the gate castor needs to be mounted as far away from hinges or supports as is possible (i.e. at the opposite end) in order to be as effective as possible.


polyurethane scaffold castor
nylon scaffold castor
  • Heavy duty scaffold castors are available in 150mm and 200mm wheel options in nylon or cast iron urethane.

  • No spigot, 35mm or 38mm spigot options available for 150mm and 200mm wheels.

  • Supplied with full locking brake. Rated up to 200kg per wheel.

  • Custom heavy duty scaffold castors can be made up on request using our heavy duty TH series.


Pneumatic Castors
  • Ideal for rough terrain

  • Galvanised Steel Housings

  • No brake option available

  • Coming Soon - 260x70 Solid Rubber - No More Punctures


  • The heavy-duty polyurethane swivel castors wheels let you enjoy 360 degree movement to maneuver in tights spaces.

  • The kit includes 4 workbench caster assemblies with assembly hardware, all the necessary mounting hardware and full instructions for quick and easy mounting of the workbench casters to a flat wooden surface. If you want to mount to a steel leg, your will need to purchase additional mounting screws.

  • Each lift pedal is ribbed and textured to provide extra grip when foot pressure is applied. Simply pushing down on the pedals to raise your workbench off the floor. Once elevated you can move your bench, table or machine as desired.

  • The heavy duty castors are constructed from steel that can easily transform your stationary 200kg workbench into a mobile workbench.

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