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polyurethane nylon trolley wheel - rybro

These attractive and durable polyurethane wheels feature a resilient tread (92 Durometer Shore A) mechanically bonded to a specially designed (Reg #DF2001/0766) center of impact resistant polypropylene.

The result is a contemporary looking wheel ideally suited for hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels, office buildings or light industry.

  • High Quality Double Bodied Wheel.

  • Registered Mechanical bond between urethane tire and wheel center.

  • Highest wear resistance of any wheel.

  • Impact Resistant.

  • Resistant to Rust

  • Resistant to most liquids. (Except solvents and strong acids)

  • Ideal Temperature Zone (-20˚C to 50˚C).

  • Supplied in our signature white hub, red tyre or in a black hub, blue tyre combination

  • All wheels can be supplied with Bearings only or complete with a bush and bolt set.

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