Other than our homegrown Rybro wheels we offer a range of imported and outsourced wheels

Not all sizes are held in stock, please call ahead to confirm stock


Split Rim Rubber Wheels

Galvanised Steel split rim fitted with a black rubber tyre.

Available with a Poly Bush or bearings


Pneumatic Wheels

Plastic or steel hub with pneumatic rubber tyre or puncture proof Polyurethane foam tyre

25mm Bore Diameter for loads up to 100kg per wheel.

Options available with or without Ball bearings

We also offer a wide range of Kenda tubes and tyres and complete wheel on our online store.


Cast Iron Polyurethane wheels

Shore 92A Cast Red polyurethane bonded to cast iron centre.

Supplied with 20mm or 25mm Ball Bearings.

Extra Heavy Duty options available for loading up to 2500kg per wheel.

We also offer rebonding and custom specifications on request.

Please contact us for any of your wheel requirements