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DSI/Rybro Pneumatic Wheels

Wheel, with pneumatic tyre, with split polymer rim



  • Pneumatic tyre.

  • Max pressure - 36psi (2.5 Bar)

  • 4-ply rating, with inner tube

  • Maximum operational comfort

  • Excellent floor preservation, particularly quiet operation

  • Colour - black


  • Impact resistant Polypropylene

  • Bolted together with 6 Electroplated Bolts with Nyloc nuts

  • Colour - Black

Other features:

  • Chemical resistance to many aggressive substances, except oils

  • Operating temperature: -20 °C to +50 °C

  • Wheel and tyre dimensions provided here apply to new tyres that are not bearing a load. Their width and diameter may change when they are in use.

  • Suitable for low speed applications such as wheelbarrows, trolleys and castors.

  • Not for Highway use.

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