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A Low truck or cart with small wheels for moving loads too heavy to be carried by hand - typically used in warehouses and distributions centres to move boxes and crates

dolly trolley


  • Aluminium profiles allow for the dolly to be customised to hold any size of container. 

  • Patented & registered design.

  • Impact resistant plastic corners act as bumpers.

  • Rust resistance

  • Light weight

  • Easy to replace single components.

  • DIY assembly for lower shipping costs.

  • Multiple castor sizes and options available.

  • Minimum Size – 350mm x 350mm

  • Maximum Size – 1200mm x 1000mm

  • Minimum Height – 160mm (80mm castors)

  • Maximum Height – 210mm (125mm Castors)

  • 35mm Internal nesting

  • Maximum Loading – 400kg

  • Galvanized steel handles and decking available on request.

  • Polular sizes - 60x40 Euro Crate, 60x54 Bread Crate, 83x47 Meat crate

platform dolly


  • Fully recyclable, HDPE

  • Convenient Carry handles

  • Solid construction, nowhere for water to gather

  • Exterior top: 800mm x 600mm x 185mm

  • Interior base: 790mm x 590mm

  • Holds 2 Euro standard baskets (60cm x 40cm)

  • Load: 350kg

  • Castors: 100mm (2 fixed, 2 swivel) or 4 swivel (on request)

  • Weight: 7kg (22kg volumetric for shipping)

MDS Frame Dolly build options

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