TPE Wheels

TPE Series Castor Wheels


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These attractive and durable TPE wheels feature a resilient elastomer tread (85 Durometer Shore A), bonded to a impact resistant polypropylene centre.

The Wheel is completed with a precision ball bearing and thread guards*.

These two materials in combination provide for a superior wheel that has a very long lifespan. The result is a contemporary looking wheel ideally suited for use on shopping carts and institutional trolleys.

  • High Quality Affordable Double Bodied Wheel.
  • Lifebond™
  • Non Marking.
  • Precision Ball Bearing*.
  • Thread Guards*
  • Impact Resistant.
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Ideal Temperature Zone (-20°C to 50°C).
Diameter Tread Width Bore Diameter Bore Width Bearing Type Load Code
75 22 10mm (M6) 28 Plain Bore 60kg WSM075PB.28.M6
100 30 12.7mm (M8) 38 Plain Bore 80kg WSM100PB.38.M8
100 30 8mm (M8) 38 Ball Bearing 80kg WSM100BB.38.M8
125 32 8mm (M8) 38 Ball Bearing 100kg WSM125BB.38.M8
125 32 8mm (M8) 44 Ball Bearing 100kg WSM125BB.44.M8

*bearings included only on models with “BB” in the code


Folding Nose Trolley Wheels

Introducing the latest addition to our Rybro® range.

Our all new folding nose trolley wheels (FNT200) not only offers Rybro’s industry leading quality, but it is also one of the most affordable wheels on the market.

The world is going green, and so should your wheels, Rubber is one of the least recyclable product on the planet, but our new FNT wheel is 100% recyclable just like all our other wheel products.

The FNT wheel is made from a polypropylene centre, with a LifeBond™ tire made from a highly durable polyolefin elastomer.

Code Diameter Bore Dia Hub Width Tread Width Load Cap
WFNT200 200mm 25mm 56mm 45mm 180KG