Polyurethane Wheels

Rybro Mechabond Polyurethane Trolley Wheels

Mechabond™ Polyurethane Series

These attractive and durable polyurethane wheels feature a resilient tread (92 Durometer Shore A) mechanically bonded to a specially designed (Reg #DF2001/0766) white center of impact resistant polypropylene

The result is a contemporary looking wheel ideally suited for hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels, office buildings or light industry.

  • High Quality Double Bodied Wheel.
  • Registered Mechanical bond between urethane tire and wheel center.
  • Highest wear resistance of any wheel.
  • Impact Resistant.
  • Resistant to Rust
  • Resistant to most liquids. (Except solvents and strong acids)
  • Ideal Temperature Zone (-20˚C to 50˚C).
  • Supplied in our signature white hub, red tyre or in a black hub, blue tyre combination
Diameter Tread Width Bore Diameter Hub Length Bearing Type Load Code
75 22 10mm (M6) 28 Plain Bore 60kg WPU075PB.28.M6
75 22 12.7mm (M8) 38 Plain Bore 60kg WPU075PB.38.M8
100 30 32mm (6201) 45 Ball Bearing 140kg WPU100BB.45
100 30 32mm (6201) 36 Ball Bearing 140kg WPU100BB.36
125 32 32mm (6201) 45 Ball Bearing 160kg WPU125BB.45
150 45 47mm (6204/6005) 60 Ball Bearing 250kg WPU150BB
200 45 47mm (6204/6005) 56 Ball Bearing 350kg WPU200BB

*Bearings and Axle Bushes available on request.
*75mm options are non-stock and strictly made to order – MOQ’s will apply

cast iron polyurethane wheel

Cast Iron Polyurethane Wheels

Shore 92A Cast Red polyurethane bonded to cast iron centre. Supplied with 20mm or 25mm Ball Bearings

Extra Heavy Duty options available for loading up to 1900kg per wheel.

Not all sizes are listed, specials can be made up on request up to 400mm diameter.

Size Hub Width Standard Load (50mm Tread) HD Version (50mm to 80mm Tread)
100mm 50mm 250kg 350kg
125mm 50mm 300kg 400kg
150mm 60mm 350kg or 400kg 700kg
200mm 60mm 400kg or 500kg 950kg
250mm 60mm  650kg 1200kg
250mm 85mm  750kg 1800kg
300mm 72mm 1900kg
polyurethane pallet jack wheel


80mm 60mm 500kg
80mm 70mm 600kg
80mm 90mm 700kg
180mm 50mm 800kg