Industrial Trolleys

We offer a wide range of industrial trolleys to assist in your everyday moving of heavy goods around your shop, warehouse or office.

Folding Nose Trolley

Coke Trolley

Brewery Case Trolley

folding-nose-trolley cc15-coke-trolley sab10-case-brewery-trolley

Platform Trolley

Turntable Trolley

Picking Trolley

 steel-platform-trolley steel-turntable-trolley stock-picking-trolley

Rocker Mammoth Trolley

Heavy Duty Case Trolley

Small Sack Trolley

rocker-trolley sth14-heavy-duty-case-trolley st19-sack-trolley-small

Single Arm Drum Trolley

Drum Decanting Trolley

Single Gas Trolley

sad-single-arm-drum-trolley drum-decanting-trolley sx6-single-oxygen-gas-bottle-trolley

Double Gas Trolley

LPG Trolley Trolley

Double LPG Trolley

af12-double-gas-bottle-trolley sx3-lpg-gas-bottle-trolley sx4-double-oxygen-trolley

Euro Crate Trolley

Bread Crate Trolley

Dish Rack Trolley

plastic-crate-dolly-trolley bread-crate-dolly-trolley dish rack dolly with handle

Custom trolleys can be made up on request – please email us a detailed drawing of your requirements – Minimum quantities will apply.