Industrial Trolleys

We offer a wide range of industrial trolleys to assist in your everyday moving of heavy goods around your shop, warehouse or office.

Custom or modified trolleys can be made up on request – please email us with your requirements.

Please download our catalogue or click on an image for dimensions

Folding Nose Trolley

FNH2/W - 1143mm x 630mm ||| FNH3/W - 1143mm x 457mm

Coke Trolley

1200mm x 540mm x 280mm Nose

Brewery Case Trolley

1350mm x 540mm x 210mm Nose

Platform Trolley

SA1/SD -900x600 | SAT1/SD - 1200x680

Turntable Trolley

HTL5/WSS - 1500mm x 760mm | HTL7/WSS - 1800mm x 900mm

Picking Trolley

SP36/2 or SP36/3 - 900 x 520 x 900(H) | SP42/2 or SP42/3 - 1100 x 610 x 1100(H)

Rocker Mammoth Trolley

Rocker - 1500 x 600 | Optional mesh sides and lid can be added

Heavy Duty Case Trolley


Small Sack Trolley


Single Arm Drum Trolley


Drum Decanting Trolley


Single Gas Trolley


Double Gas Trolley


LPG Trolley Trolley


Double LPG Trolley


Euro Crate Dolley

MDS6040 - 600x400 Frame | MDS80x60 - 800x600 Frame

Bread Crate Dolley

MDS6054 - 600x535 Frame

Dish Rack Trolley

MDS5050 - 500x500 Frame with optional handle

Steel Platform Dolley

MDS6040GP - 600x400 with steel platform | MDS8060GP - 800x600 Frame with steel platform

Steel Platform trolley

MDS6080PH - 600x400 ||| MDS8060PH - 800x600 ||| With galvanised platform and handle

Picking Trolley (Mailroom Trolley)

MDS6080MR - 600x400 ||| MDS8060MR - 800x600 ||| Collapsible crates are optional

Security Crate Trolley

MDS5235H - 520x350 with galvanised handle - crate is optional

 Laundry Trolley

377L LDPE Bin on Frame Dolly - Nesting bins - 750x1050x750(H)

Heavy Duty Corner Movers

Heavy Duty Corner mover dolly - 300kg per corner - sold in sets of 4