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Rybro Rubber Wheelbarrow Wheels & Trolley Wheels

350mm split disk rubber wheelbarrow wheel

Rybro Castors and Wheels, a leading manufacturer based in South Africa, specializes in crafting top-quality castor wheels, trolley wheels, wheelbarrow wheels, pallet jack wheels, and more.

Our product range features a diverse selection of solid rubber wheels mounted on high-impact polypropylene rims.

- The 250mm Split Rim Rubber Wheel is engineered as an efficient generator wheel.

- For wheelbarrows, the 320mm Split Rim Rubber Wheel offers optimal performance.

- Designed for heavy-duty applications, the 350mm Split Rim Rubber Wheel is ideal for robust trolleys and wheelbarrows.

Our use of high-impact polypropylene rims ensures superior durability, rust resistance, and crack prevention, making our wheels suitable for various environments, including mines, where safety is paramount due to their zero spark risk. The innovative rim design provides enhanced support to the tire, enabling our wheels to excel under heavy loads and withstand impacts without compromising the integrity of the rim.

All sizes are available with the option of ball bearings or plain bore for added versatility. Additionally, being locally produced, we offer spare parts for our wheels, ensuring long-term usability and convenience for our customers.

Contact us today or explore our online store for pricing details and to experience the Rybro difference firsthand.

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