Wheel Components

Polyprop Axle Bushes


  • The Rybro PP axle bush is used in the manufacture of steel split centred wheels, most commonly the Wheel Barrow wheel (BPP143)
Code  Width Diameter  Bore Dia  Load Cap Finished Wheel Dia
BPP143* 75mm 50mm 26mm 150KG 300mm
BPP1025* 63mm 38mm 26mm 120KG 250mm
BPP82 50mm 38mm 26mm 100KG 200mm

* Special order, Minimum quantities will apply

Solid Rubber Wheel Axle Bushes

  • Designed for Solid Rubber compression moulded wheels (Wheel Barrow, Jockey & Trolley Tyres)
  • Designed to withstand moulding pressure and heat (resistant up to 220C).
  • Tooth formation aids in a strong bond with rubber wheel.
CODE Hub Width Bore Dia Load Cap Common Use
BN143 75mm 26mm 150KG Wheel Barrow Wheel
BN25 57mm 26mm 150KG 200mm Folding Nose Trolley Wheel
BN47 47mm 20mm 150KG 4″ Trailer Jockey Wheel
BN57 57mm 20mm 150KG 6″ Trailer Jockey Wheel
BN65 65mm 20mm 150KG 8″ Trailer Jockey Wheel

Please request samples prior to manufacturing your rubber moulds.

These bushes may shrink during rubber moulding process.

Sizes stated are the suggested finished sizes of your finish product, but may vary due to your moulds.

Polypropylene Split Centre.

  • Light weight replacement for steel split centres
  • No additional bush required
  • Compatible with both 150mm & 200mm Rubber Tyres.
  • Sold in pairs
  • Available in Black or White
Code A B C D Load Cap  Rivet/Bolt Size
SC8226 120mm 26mm 25mm 28mm 100KG M6
SC8219 120mm 19mm 25mm 28mm 100KG M6

Trolley Spacers/Washers

  • Upright Trolley axle spacer
  • Bearing Spacer
WFNT5026 50mm 26mm 5mm
WFNT2821 28mm 21mm 2mm

Plain Bore Castor Wheel Bushes


  • Available with or without Nut & Bolt
  • Available for 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm Castor Wheels
  • 20mm & 25mm machined bush available for wheels requiring a ball bearing.