Super Elastic Wheels

Super Elastic Wheels

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These locally manufactured attractive and durable Elastic rubber wheels feature a resilient elastomer tread (70 Durometer Shore A), mechanically bonded to an impact resistant polyolefin centre. The Wheel are completed with a precision ball bearing and thread guards.

Benefits: Versatile use with excellent rolling characteristics. Low noise and vibration damping, non-marking.

Applications: Industrial carts, material handling in factories, waste containers, transport containers, metal working and chemical companies, medium load roll containers, tool trolleys, warehouse carts.

Suitable surfaces: Almost every surface: uneven surfaces such as pavers, damaged floors and obstacles such as thresholds.

DiameterTread WidthBore DiameterBore Width Bearing TypeLoadCode
80308mm (M8)38Ball Bearing60kgSER080BB.38.M8
100328mm (M8)38Ball Bearing120kgSER100BB.38.M8
125368mm (M8)45Ball Bearing150kgSER125BB.45.M8
1253610mm (M10)48Ball Bearing150kgSER125BB.50.M10