Store Bins / Linbins


Black bins are ex stock.

  • Small parts storage bins
  • Made from tough, impact & acid resistant polypropylene
  • 7 sizes available
  • Storebins are stackable & dividers are available for each size
  • Colours: Black, green, blue, yellow, red and grey
  • Our Modular Dolly can be built to hold multiple rows of store bins, for mobile parts storage
LINBIN2 135mm x 105mm x 75mm
LINBIN3 190mm x 105mm x 75mm
LINBIN4 210mm x 140mm x 130mm
LINBIN5 280mm x 140mm x 130mm
LINBIN6 280mm x 210mm x 180mm
LINBIN7 375mm x 210mm x 180mm
LINBIN8 375mm x 420mm x 180mm

Louvre Panels

457mm 457mm
914mm 457mm
1219mm 457mm
1524mm 457mm
1828mm 457mm

Plastic Crates & Baskets

Plastic crates and baskets are available for larger parts storage, and can be matched up to our Modular dolly for easy parts handling in and around your workshop or retail space.

bread crate dolly

Collapsible Euro Crate

External 600x400x225 (50mm when collapsed)

Internal 565x365x215

Bread Crate

External 600x535x170 (10 loaves)

Internal 560x500x140

Parts Bin Crate (available in 3 to 6 tiers)

External 740x535x830 – 6 Tier

External 740x535x695 – 5 Tier

External 740x535x560 – 4 Tier

External 740x535x425 – 3 Tier

Meat Lug Crate

External 535x335x290

Internal 495x320x280

Dairy Crate

External 430x335x305

Internal 400x300x290