Light Duty Castors

Light Duty Castors

Tente 2470 Series Castors

Pressed steel swivel castors, bright zinc plated, blue passivated, double ball bearing swivel head with plate of single bolt fitting.

Ideal for use on cleaning carts, serving trolleys and general factory and office trolleys
Wheel centre:  Polypropylene,

Tread: TENTEprene (thermoplastic rubber), grey non-marking,

Bearing Type: Plain Bearing


Roll Performance – 3/5

Movement Noise – 3/5

Attrition – 3/5

Corrosion Resistance – 3/5

Size Overall Height Wheel Size Plate Size Hole Dia Load Rating Code
50mm 69 50×19 60×60 (45×45) 6.3 50 kg 2470PJO050
75mm 100 75×25 60×60 (45×45) 6.3 75 kg 2470PJO075
100mm 134 100×32 77×67 (60×50) 8.5 80 kg 2470PJO100
125mm 154 125×32 77×67 (60×50) 8.5 100 kg 2470PJO125

Furniture Castors

Black Nylon Twin wheel castors

These are light duty castors ideally used for display stands and office chairs.

The Twin Nylon is available in swivel and swivel braked and has a M8/M10 threaded pin or Base Plate.

The 50mm version if also available with a 11 Circlip stem.

The wheel supplied can be solid nylon or rubber coated to protect sensitive flooring.

Size Wheel Size M8 M10 Plate 11mm Circlip Braked option Load Rating
50mm 50×46 TW50M8 TW50M10 TW50P40 CTW50C11 SPECIAL ORDER 60kg